Is upgrading your Oneplus phones every year worth it?

Is upgrading oneplus phones every year worth it (src:

Oneplus was founded in 2013 and in 2014, the world got introduced with the first Oneplus phone – the Oneplus One.
Since then, Oneplus has marketed themselves as the “Flagship killer” meaning that they would produce phones with flagship specs but at a very low price. This aspect of Oneplus helped it to penetrate the mobile phone market very easily – and soon they snowballed a huge fan following.

Since, the first Oneplus One, the Oneplus phones have always been regarded as a beast when it came to performance, mainly because of the specs it packed and as a cherry on top, the software – the mighty OxygenOS – the custom ROM that delivers stock level performance with much more improved (and added) features, that we craved to have.

Is upgrading oneplus phones every year worth it (src:
Oneplus OxygenOS (src:

One thing that makes Oneplus stand out from the crowd is its durability – the phones lasted long – for at least 5-6 years (seriously, I am not even stretching). Oneplus typically provides three major android updates, so the phones actually stay up-to-date.

So, here’s the million dollar question, (okay, yeah, maybe not that costly, I guess), should you upgrade your Oneplus phone every year?

Well, generally no, but there can be exceptions.

Like I mentioned, Oneplus phones are known for durability, so upgrading every year is kind of an overkill. The paradox is that, every time you upgrade, there’s going to be a slightly better one the next year.

Slightly better, yes, the keyword is slightly.

You cannot expect to have groundbreaking technological advancements every year – mostly it is upgraded to a better next gen spec.
The question is, do you need that upgrade? or better yet, is your current spec so outdated that it is rendered unusable?
With Oneplus phones, you can safely say the answer is “no”. Having flagship grade specs has obvious upsides. The specs would definitely feel powerful enough for a couple of years.
I know people still using a Oneplus 3T and has no complaints.

Now, coming to the exceptions where you might want to upgrade. This is more of a personal preference, whether or not you want that particular upgrade.

For example, the first Oneplus phone to have an in-display fingerprint reader was the Oneplus 6T, and it was really good (well, Oneplus) and so people wanted to get their hands on the new 6T mainly because of this upgrade – apart from that it was quite similar to the Oneplus 6 – also since 6T, Oneplus ditched the headphone jack because there was not enough space left after incorporating the in-display fingerprint reader.

Or when Oneplus 7 Pro, had the popup camera hence providing an almost bezel-less display and maximizing the screen-to-body ratio and also higher refresh rate screen.

These upgrades are a necessity depending on one’s perspective.
The common denominator here being performance. So any new or last year Oneplus phones you buy would definitely be a beast in terms of performance and on top of that these features (almost bezel-less display, in-display fingerprint reader, etc.) are an added bonus.

The conclusion

You can go on with a Oneplus phone for a few years without any hiccups, but if there is any new upgrade that you irresistibly have to get your hands on, well, there is no harm in that either.

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